Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly Toilets


Having a great toilet is something that cannot be overlooked today. A house can only be called a home, if it has a good or immaculate bathroom place. With proper research, you can find good toilets which can suit your environment and last you for decades. However, as you make your decisions, it is good to consider the environment. Buying a nature-friendly toilet will help to preserve the environment and make the world a better place to live in. Here are some great nature friendly toilets to consider for your home.

EAGO TB351 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsThis is an eco-friendly flush toilet comes with soft closing seat, together with a lid for cover. It is highly efficient and powerful, with a 3-inch flushing valve. The inclusion of this valve has greatly reduced the earlier problems that were witnessed with the initial ball-chain flapper systems. It has a wide water surface. With a wide water surface area, the toilet is able to allow easy cleaning while keeping the odors down.

There is also a balanced water distribution. This has been specifically designed to maintain the perfect balance proper exit velocity and increased diameter. The seat is sleek and comfortable with a very quick release. Additionally, it features a drain system construction that allows easy movement of the toilet seat from the flange center. This nature-friendly seat has been designed with quality materials as well as solid construction, to ensure durability.

EAGO TB336 High Efficiency Eco-Friendly Toilet

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsThis low-consumption, high efficiency toilet has been designed to save water than conventional and cheaper toilets. The toilet is fully glazed, both in and out and comes with a silent closing lid seat. It is a one piece toilet, with a siphonic flush system. This means that there is no flapper or chain to close. With the double glazing, this toilet is able to maintain its pristine condition for many years.

Since it is nature friendly, it has been designed to limit excessive consumption and usage of water. In a year, it can save your family up to 10,000 gallons of water. It has a balanced water distribution which ensures optimal balance between proper exit velocity and increased diameter. It uses the one-flush method, which is the most advanced flushing system currently.

EAGO TB353 Dual Flush Eco-Friendly Ceramic Toilet

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsWith a nice flushing system, this is one of the best eco-friendly toilets on the market today. It has a smaller water tank than conventional toilets. This makes it very convenient especially when you have limited space. The installation process is easy, which can be done within a very short time. Also included in the package is a soft closing toilet seat as well as a lid. Just like other EAGO nature friendly toilets, it has a large water surface area for easy cleaning and preventing accumulation of odor. There is also a balanced water distribution together with a dual flush. It is powerful and efficient featuring top of the line flushing system.

TOTO MS854114EG#01 Eco Ultramax

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsThis is toilet has an advanced flushing system, which lets you save more 20% than conventional or traditional toilets. It uses the WaterSense technology which has been duly certified by the EPA. It comes with a large water surface that ensures ease of cleaning and preventing accumulation of odors. The toilet has been designed with the proprietary super-smooth SanaGloss glaze that prevents mold, bacteria and debris from sticking to the ceramic, porous surfaces. Moreover, sanaGloss ensures that your Toto chinawear remains cleaner for a longer period.

This means that there will be fewer chemicals from the environment and very little water will be used for cleaning. It has also been sealed with an ionized barrier, which repels particles away and prevents them from adhering to the ceramic. The combination of such unique features has resulted to a completely changed toilet surface, which is much better than conventional glazing. With a wide 3-inch flush valve, it is able to achieve a powerful, quick and consistent flush. The overall construction is solid and designed to minimize usage of water.

TOTO MS853113E#01 Eco Ultramax

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsIf you are looking for an eco-friendly toilet with a sleek design and finish, then you should consider this one from Toto. With water savings of up to 20%, you are definitely going to be paying less water bills, once you have this one installed in your premises. It has a very efficient flush system. Therefore, one flush is enough, which means less water spent during this process. The noise levels are tolerable and the toilet seat lid also closes silently.

Since it has a smaller tank, the water fills up rapidly, while ensuring higher pressure than traditional toilets. It uses the unique 3-inch flush system, which is 125% larger than valves used on conventional toilets. It features a comfortable ergonomic design as well as high gloss polypropylene which is resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals. The entire toilet seat has been constructed using high quality materials such as high impact plastic to eliminate the annoying toilet slam and prevent injuries. The toilet is easy to install and its quite operation makes it among the best nature-friendly toilets today.

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Eco Soiree

Buying Guide to Best Nature-Friendly ToiletsThis is an ADA compliant toilet that uses double cyclone flushing system. Just like a cyclone, its flushing system harnesses the power of gravity and water, to create a very powerful jet, for easy and quick flushing. Instead of rim holes, the flushing system contains two nozzles, which use water in a more efficient manner. This ensures a better bowl and rim wash, while reducing the amount of bacteria and dirt trapped when cleaning the toilet.

Similar to other Toto eco-friendly toilets, this one has also been designed with comfortable ergonomic design and high gloss polypropylene, which is resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals. It has been designed to ensure longevity, water conservation and ease of use. For easy installation, it comes with top tightening bolts. Additionally, all seats have been precision designed to fit elongated or regular bowls. It is super small as compared to other toilets, thus fitting conveniently especially if are tight on space. The overall design is great and cleaning is easy and fast.


Nature friendly toilets promote water efficiency. They provide an effective and safe way to conserve the environment. As much as the initial set up and installation might appear expensive, the long term savings will be worthwhile.